We cover all your IT security and infrastructure needs.

Also, and especially, those you may not know you have yet.



Check and filter traffic to protect your website from attacks of potential hackers. We define and set the configurations based on your specific needs and we guarantee performance without any loss in speed.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

We define and set identification systems for not authorised accesses, so that we can grant a continuous security monitoring and easily identify network or computer attacks.


We set up dedicated VPNs to protect the sensitive data you send or receive (passwords, credit cards, etc.). This way we make sure they are transmitted securely and prevent wiretapping of unauthorized persons.

Access control (ACL)

We define and configure the conditions of access and the levels of permission of the internal resources to the various data and services on your infrastructure and on your applications, segmentation and control.


Auditing and logging

We periodically check compliance with established policies and implement log management systems for the collection of data and events, to know what happened and what happens. At all times.


Network Scan

We scan the infrastructure to identify security vulnerabilities and critical issues, so that we can know the level of risk and take counter-measures accordingly for appropriate prevention.


Systems architecture

Based on the needs and characteristics of your business, we decide the required capabilities and the structure of the services, how they interact with each other and with the outside world, building the most appropriate architecture.


Server tuning & hardening

We increase performance by setting parameters and configurations to maximise the infrastructure potential. These are “artisan” operations that require skills and precision to avoid data corruption, downtime or crashes.

Load balancing

We improve usability by distributing the processing load among the various servers, increasing the scalability and reliability of the entire architecture, thanks to geographic or traffic sorting criteria.

Database clustering

When the amount of data to be managed is massive, a single database may need multiple servers to handle the requests, in order to make sure processes are optimized at all times.

System updates

We apply the latest security patches and updates, constantly ensuring that infrastructures are secure and up-to-date, both with scheduled and on-demand maintenance.

Cloud Security

Our targeted skills allow us to carry out all those activities to support and protect cloud computing environments, thanks to the always updated best practices and to a team on site 24/7.

Backup Systems

Disaster Recovery Plan

Disasters – whether accidental or intentional, such as fires or ransomware – are avoidable risks that could decide the fate of your business. With an adequate disaster recovery system, operations are guaranteed and restored in certain and precise times, as per plan.

Backup policy

We shape backup policies differentiated by technologies and types, reliable and effective based on specific variables, to ensure that in no case data is lost and that business operations are restored, checking both the backup servers and the integrity of the backups themselves.

Mail System Backup

Specific backup systems to never lose the data of the essential working tool, the mail system. With targeted strategies and technologies, this data is protected from any incident or disaster.

On demand


Are you stuck on a specific issue or project? We can help! Some examples:

✔ Penetration testing
✔ Security assessment
✔ Server hardening/tuning
✔ System architecture

As a Service


Knowing that there are dedicated experts taking care of the security of your website gives peace of mind and allows you to focus on your core business. We can take care – among other things – of:

✔ Security patches/updates
✔ Prevention and backup in case of attacks and incidents
✔ Infrastructure management

If you need help for a project, an urgent issue or also if you are simply curious to know more about our services, contact us!

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